At Astral, we strive every day to offer sustaining value to our customers and the families they serve, as well as to our tremendous employee partners who are tirelessly committed to our mission of supporting funeral service with best-in-class products and service.

At Astral, we strive every day to offer sustaining value to our employees, their families, as well as our customers and the grieving families ultimately being served with our products and services.

Our Brands

Wilbert Funeral Services Inc. is the industry leader in burial vaults and related products, with our heritage dating back to 1880 when Leo Haase became the first manufacturer of concrete burial vaults in the United States.

As a Mid-West regional wholesale casket distributor for 68 years, Hoffman provided exceptional delivery to funeral homes in the following states: Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Western Indiana, and Eastern Missouri.

Signet Supply focused on a targeted selection of high-volume, eye-appealing caskets. They strived to fill the gap between cost and quality; creating value for funeral home customers and ultimately the families they serve with the best burial caskets.

Continental Casket Company was a wholesale casket distributor working directly with local funeral homes in all of Illinois and areas of Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, and Iowa providing valued products to the families they serve.

Founded in 1972, Astral has grown into one of the best steel burial casket manufacturers and provider of high-quality sourced wood caskets and cremation products in the United States.  Over the years, Astral has gained a long-standing reputation for balancing quality, service, and affordability, allowing both our customers and their client-families to realize a deeply meaningful funeral service experience.


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