Astral Industries, Inc.

Trucking & Shipping

Astral Carrier, Inc., is a 48-state contract carrier with a fleet of 15 tractors and 40 trailers that are all air-ride equipped to insure your caskets are received factory fresh.

Trucking and Shipping

All Astral Carrier trailers are outfitted with logistics posts, e-track and straps to ensure against product shifting.  All trailers have blankets for products that require additional protection during shipment.  The blankets are neatly stored in the underbellies of our trailers to maximize the freight space for products that do not require blanket protection.  Astral trailers are 13’6” x 53’.


Trucking 2.jpgAstral Carrier’s fleet-wide satellite communication system provides tracking information important to on-time service.  Our preventative maintenance program uses advance diagnostic equipment to help detect problems before they occur.  Astral Carrier drivers are company employees who are specifically trained to handle safe, on-time service.