Astral Industries, Inc.

Surface Treatment

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Astral’s 6-stage, powder coat, pretreatment process cleans, rinses, and applies a corrosion protective iron phosphate coating inside and out . . . a key factor in producing a casket that offers a quality finish.

Metal pretreatment is a key factor in obtaining the durability inherit to powder coating.  Astral’s 6-stage pretreatment process takes place in a 186-foot long, custom built stainless steel plate and frame heated machine.  All steel casket parts are chemically cleaned with an alkaline cleaner, rinsed several times, coated with a protective anti-corrosion film of iron phosphate, rinsed, and baked dry.  All water used in the surface treatment process comes from our own reverse osmosis system.  You desire the most durable casket finish available, and we produce it.