Astral Industries, Inc.



In recent years, we have invested in numerically-controlled steel forming machines that allow for increased customization and flexibility.  Astral’s stamping department has the flexibility to meet a wide range of production requirements from stamping large, Class “A”, high visibility parts in our 800-ton and 900-ton presses, to producing small components in our 150-ton and 200-ton presses. 

In addition, Astral’s 33-ton turret press can produce virtually any shape of flat or nearly flat metal part for close tolerance production simply by entering the desired computer program.  Astral’s in-house tool room follows a comprehensive maintenance program on machinery, tooling, and dies to prevent down time of our equipment.  Our 20-ton overhead cranes allow for safe and easy material handling and efficient relocation of machinery to facilitate flexible manufacturing.

In 1999, our stamping department became ISO 9002 quality certified.  We continue to be the only casket company that operates by ISO quality standards.


800-ton and 900-ton presses 150-ton and 200-ton Presses 33-ton Turret Press 20-ton Overhead Crane
Stamping-800-900.jpg Stamping-150-200.jpg Stamping-33-ton-turret.jpg Stamping-20-ton-overhead-crane.jpg

A 15-stage progressive die produces hardware corner brackets in our 800-ton press.  Our patented hardware attachment system allows us to customize themes to match customer needs.

We have a variety of presses which allow us to control our parts inventory.  We know how important it is to deliver next day.

Our turret press is capable of holding up to 58 different metal-forming tools.  It produces various designs and shapes so we are flexible in meeting your customized needs.

Our two 20-ton remote controlled overhead cranes enable us to efficiently handle the heaviest of loads.