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Powder Coating

Powder Coating

Astral’s powder coating booths have 20 automated spray guns that uniformly apply powder.  Our reclaim ability produces a transfer efficiency rate of more than 99%.  Eliminating waste means our customer does not pay for something that isn’t in our product.

Astral’s powder coating department features a clean room that is highly filtered to minimize contamination.  Operators wear lint-free clothing, hair nets, and shoe covers to further reduce the introduction of contaminates into the powder coating room.  The room is air-conditioned and humidified to maintain consistent application conditions.

What is Powder Coating?

Powder is finely ground particles consisting of dry resin and pigment which are bonded together into one particle.  When exposed to high heat, these powder particles melt and form a highly durable finish.  There is no solvent present.

Powder coating is a dry process, so it completely eliminates the need to use any solvent.  Therefore, no harmful volatile organic compounds are emitted into our environment.  We are environmentally responsible stewards.

Astral’s fully automated powder coating booths use electrostatic technology that reclaims overspray.  In addition, powder coating’s one-coat system does not require a primer or a top coat.  Therefore, the raw material and direct labor costs are significantly less creating a price advantage.


Powder Coating Powder Coating Booth Inside a Powder Coating Booth
Uniform Powder Application.jpg Powder Coating Booth Powder Coating Booth-inside.jpg

Products exit our powder coating curing oven.  Powder coating maintains uniform powder application to produce a highly consistent finish that is tough and scratch resistant.

Our automated powder coating booths spray powder from 20 automatic guns.  Powder adheres to the product through electrostatic technology, covering all hard-to-reach areas.  Our finish quality is consistently beautiful.

Products pass through one of our automated powder coating booths.  Investing in technology that controls cost is one reason we are able to be competitive.