Astral Industries, Inc.


Welding, Grinding, and Assembly

Astral’s automation and detail in welding, grinding, and assembly enables us to reduce labor while improving our quality.  Continuous improvements lead to increased quality and efficiency for your benefit.

Our one-of-a-kind top folding machine provides consistency, resulting in a great fit of our parts.

All of our fabrication processes, along with stamping and coating, are located in the same facility, eliminating shipping, handling, and damage costs associated with transporting parts from one plant to another.  For our customers, it’s all about providing a better value.


Fabrication-Grinding.jpg Fabrication-Folding.jpg

Astral has developed automated machinery to improve the overall look that customers expect.

Astral’s automated folding machinery meets strict tolerances for part-to-part consistency that create excellent fit-up , allowing for ease in opening and closing.