Astral Industries, Inc.


link Stamping

From large, high visibility parts to small, progressively-stamped detail components, our stamping facility is equipped to meet a wide range of production requirements.

link Surface Treatment

Astral's 6-stage pre-treatment process cleans, rinses, and applies a protective iron phosphate coating to all parts; all key factors in producing a class "A" powder coat finish.

link Fabrication (Assembly, Welding, and Grinding)

Astral's expertise in assembly, welding, and grinding has enabled us to automate many of these processes, reducing labor hour requirements while improving the consistency and quality of our products.

link Powder Coating

Astral's fully automated powder coat line is capable of coating parts as large as 8 feet and has reclaim ability to maximize the powder transfer rate.

link Trucking & Shipping

Astral Carrier, Inc., is a full service contract carrier in 48 states and has a fleet of 15 tractors and 40 trailers that are well-equipped to meet any shipping needs.