Astral Industries, Inc.

Astral Acquires State Of The Art Equipment

Astral Industries, Inc. manufactures 18 gauge, 20 gauge and stainless steel burial caskets in its approximately 200,000 square foot facility located in Lynn, Indiana.  While deeply committed to the traditional values which are the backbone of the funeral products industry, Astral’s management recognizes the need to maintain a forward-thinking approach, keeping products innovative and cost-effective, with those savings being passed directly on to the customers. 



The recent addition of the SPRINT 20 Linear CNC lathe, which produces casket hardware parts, increases the efficiency and capabilities of Astral’s production floor, and represents an exciting opportunity for production staff and management alike.  “Quality is one of our top priorities on the floor”, says Mike Nuñez, Astral engineer, “and the ability to produce hardware which we previous sourced elsewhere gives us greater control and oversight, resulting in improved quality controls.”  Nuñez also points out that the cost of producing hardware on site represents a significant cost savings while simultaneously improving supply chain management.



Astral has also added increased flexibility to its hardware supply chain with the acquisition of a vacuum metalizer, allowing the company to metalize durable, attractive casket hardware in-house.  Vacuum metalizing has long been an industry standard with the ability to provide highly polished and detailed parts at a fraction of the cost of other coating methods.  “When people talk to us about what makes a casket stand out, it’s always the details that make the difference,” says Charlie Shaw, owner and CEO of Astral Industries.  “We’re constantly looking for ways to provide that high eye appeal while providing funeral homes the highest value for themselves and the families they serve.”



To learn more about Astral and its product line, contact your local sales representative or call the Customer Service department at 1-800-278-7252. You can also visit their website at